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Exploring Western Colorado: Landscape, Attractions, Recreational Marijuana Tips and More

Aug 17, 2021

Exploring Western ColoradoWe’re in a pretty good spot here at The Happy Camper. Our two Colorado locations—in Bailey and Palisade—are surrounded by gorgeous natural scenery, unbeatable outdoor adventure and some of the best food and wine America has to offer.

Every year, thousands of visitors flock to our region from all over the United States and beyond. Some come from our neighboring states of Utah and Nevada, bringing tents, bikes, kayaks and other supplies for enjoying the Great Outdoors here in beautiful Colorado. Others come from right here in our home state to take advantage of the particularly delightful quality of life we enjoy on Colorado’s Western Slope.

Buying and using marijuana products in Colorado

Many visitors to the Western Slope have heard about The Happy Camper and our reputation for providing high-quality, Colorado-grown hemp, marijuana and cannabis-infused products. When they stop by our stores with questions, here are our top recommendations for safely, legally and responsibly enjoying marijuana while visiting Colorado:

  1. You must be at least 21 years of age (with valid photo ID) to buy, possess or use marijuana in the state of Colorado.
  2. You may only purchase and possess up to one ounce of flower at a time.
  3. It is illegal to: 
    – Leave the state of Colorado with any form of marijuana
    – Possess marijuana products at the
 Denver International Airport
    – Drive under the influence of cannabis
    – Mail or ship marijuana products from the state of Colorado.
    – Purchase marijuana anywhere other than a licensed retail facility
    – Resell marijuana you have purchased
  4. Marijuana use is legal on private property, but property owners can ban marijuana use and possession on their property at their own discretion.
  5. Marijuana use is strictly prohibited in public places including:
    – Amusement parks
    – Sorting and music venues
    – Campsites, playgrounds, sidewalks and roads
    – Marijuana retail businesses, bars, restaurants, and outdoor or rooftop cafes

Marijuana use and possession is 
forbidden on federal land including state and national parks 
and national forests.

Unique landscape and features of the Western Slope

Located in the Rocky Mountain Range, Colorado’s Western Slope covers the terrain west of the Continental Divide. (Meanwhile, the mountains and land east of the Continental Divide are known as the Front Range). For many visitors, one major draw is the slow, easy pace of life in this part of the country. Although the Western Slope accounts for 38% of Colorado’s landmass, just over 10% of the state’s population lives here.

Palisade, Grand Junction, Delta and Montrose are some of the most well-known cities in our neck of the Western Slope, a landscape that’s marked by rolling plains punctuated by majestic mountains and mesas. It’s against that scenic backdrop that visitors can enjoy everything from indigenous American dwellings to relaxing natural hot springs, world-class skiing and even our own thriving wine country.

The Western Slope’s most popular attractions for visitors

It would be difficult to sum up everything the Western Slope has to offer into one concise list. But here’s are just a few of our favorites to consider as you begin your travel plans:

  • Colorado Wine Country. Yes, you read that right. Home to more than 25 wineries, Palisade is fast earning its reputation as the epicenter of fine Colorado wines, as well as peaches, lavender, roses and other plant life that flourishes at the foot of our iconic mesas. Colterris Winery offers many distinctive varieties designed to be enjoyed along with stunning views of the Colorado River.
  • Water sports. Our region is known for its access to diverse points along the scenic Colorado River—there’s even an easy put-in spot just behind The Happy Camper’s Palisade dispensary! Whether you’re into a gentle tube float or a heart-pounding whitewater adventure, the Western Slope has you covered.
  • Glenwood Hot Springs. The massive hot-springs pool at Glenwood Springs is surrounded by serene mountains and breathtaking vistas. Its natural healing waters welcome hundreds of visitors each day, and have for well over 100 years.
  • Skiing. The scenic ski towns of Breckenridge, Aspen and Vail are known the world over by ski-loving adventurists, vacationing families and celebrities alike. But Colorado is actually home to at least 28 ski resorts—many sprinkled along the I-70 corridor—offering some of the nation’s best slopes as well as ziplining and other fun year-round activities.

Want more tips for planning your next Colorado visit? Drop us a line, or give us a call and let our friendly budtenders answer all your questions.

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