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Understanding Cannabis Concentrate Products

Whether you’re brand new to cannabis or you’re an experienced veteran that’s tried it all, you’ll love our Happy Camper concentrates.

Traditionally, concentrates have been made using hash. It is made by pressure or compression of the resin glands in the cannabis plant. It can also be made from kief, which is the crystallized trichomes that are found on the flower. Kief is pressed and compacted together to form a potent product. However, newer methods can increase potency through advanced extraction techniques.

To help those in the Palisade and Grand Junction area determine which concentrate to order, here is some basic information about the most common forms of THC concentrate on the market today.

CO2 Oil

Also known as supercritical extraction, the use of carbon dioxide and pressure on the cannabis plant creates an amber-colored THC extract that contains the plant’s natural cannabinoids and compounds. This type of THC extract is combined with a carrier oil, often MCT oil, and used in vapes.


Propane hash oil and butane hash oil are marijuana extractions that convert into THC wax. Different formulations of this THC wax may stay in a waxy state, while others become hardened after heating to create shatter. These highly concentrated THC products are typically used for dabbing.


Tinctures are made by using alcohol to draw out phytocompounds from cannabis plants. Tinctures can also have a carrier oil like MCT. Tinctures are usually taken sublingually, but you can also add them to food or beverages.

Other concentrate forms include edibles, rosins, live resins, and moonrocks. For assistance in ordering concentrate, visit our dispensary in Palisade near Grand Junction, or call us today at 970-609-0420.

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