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Can Marijuana Really Prevent Covid? Here’s What You Need to Know

A recent study cautiously claims that marijuana compounds may prevent users from catching Covid-19. But is there any truth to these claims? In this article, we’ll unpack the details of the study and what they mean for the average cannabis user. 

The Truth About Delta 8 and Other Marijuana Alternatives

Delta 8 and other so-called marijuana alternatives are currently flooding the market. But are they safe and legal? In this article, we’ll explore what we know so far about how Delta 8 is produced and its effects on the human body. 

What Marijuana Strains Are Best for Seasonal Depression?

Learn how cannabis and other THC-infused products interact with the human body, as well as tips for choosing the right strain, type and format to meet your individual needs.

Here Are the Top Marijuana Strains to Boost Productivity

Although marijuana has a longstanding reputation for making users feel lethargic and couch-locked, many of our customers use these four popular strains to achieve just the opposite.

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The Happy Camper Cannabis Company showcases the finest quality products and a large selection of artisan accessories. Located in Palisade, CO. The Happy Camper caters to guests of Grand Junction, Western Slope, Fruita and Palisade Colorado.

The Western Slope’s Finest Choice for Recreational Marijuana

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Cannabis Industry Employees discount of 10%*

*Discount is not available on concentrates or vape pens. only one discount per customer. 



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